Our story

Kadan Swimwear is a Florida keys life style brand inspired by the ocean, specializing in unique, luxurious, high end swimwear. Being manufactured right here in South Florida, we represent all things tropical and carefree. Each piece of paradise is designed to compliment the beautiful girl wearing it.

Kadan means where the heart lies. Like my life as well as many others we live in a place that is beyond gorgeous and a vacation spot to many around the world. Creating these bikinis have let me share my lifestyle with all of you!

Launching my first collection in 2018, after just turning 18, I have created a modern coastal living for girls all around the world. Our comfortable styles make a bold statement no matter where you are slaying your Kadan Swimwear bikini.

More than just a beautiful bikini though, we stand for confidence and relaxion where ever you are, BECAUSE YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!